MMFlagsMerry Marine was established in 2005 by Bill and Wendy Merry and after a couple of successful years, incorporated as a Limited Company in 2008. We provide leadership, team and other corporate development services. We specialise in using offshore sailing as a real and challenging environment to reinforce concepts in leadership and management and provide a unique opportunity for building relationships.Other ‘Experiential’ Learning Events

We also take the activity-based learning concept into other environments, providing memorable and highly effective development activities on land. Many of our land-based events are based on our highly successful Flashlight Challenge® activity and can be an alternative to sailing where there may be issues around location or availability of time.

Leadership and Management Development

In conjunction with associated business psychologists, trainers and organisational development specialists, we also provide a full range of organisational and people development services.

Coaching, facilitation and other training services

Merry Marine have a wealth of experience in leadership coaching, personal development coaching, facilitation and a comprehensive range of training services..


Bill Merry

Bill has over 25 years leadership experience, 15 of those at senior level in a major blue chip company. An experienced general manager across a number of disciplines, he has an extensive understanding of developing, leading and motivating people and teams. His skills in leading change have been essential to the success of a number of transformational projects where technology has revolutionised the way people work.

He is an RYA/MCA qualified and commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Instructor and combines his business and yachting experience to create real, challenging and inspirational leadership, team and corporate development events.

He is also an accomplished coach and group facilitator, using his experience of helping people do the best they can at sea, he brings a unique perspective on helping people do the same in business.

An enthusiast for numerous outdoor activities, he is also a qualified pilot, holds a commercially endorsed advanced powerboat certificate, is an expert navigator by land, sea and air and a keen skier.

Wend1Wendy Merry

Wendy has over 20 years experience in HR in various industries. For the last 15 years she has held the position of HR Director in the IT industry.

Wendy’s focus is on the strategic aspects of HR where development of high performance individuals and teams have been key to the company’s success. Wendy acts in an advisory capacity as a non executive director of Merry Marine.

She shares a passion for sailing, skiing and many of the activities that are the cornerpin of Merry Marine’s inspirational leadership and team development programmes.

The Merry Marine Associate Network

Our ability to provide both breadth and depth of expertise relies on a network of associates who are leaders in their field. They all run or work within successful businesses in their own right and we are proud to be able to call upon their expertise to make sure we deliver the highest quality of development programme.

If we were to wrap all their talents into one person, that person would be a seasoned corporate leader, a chartered psychologist and an ocean racing yachtsman. They would have climbed Mount Everest and be a Jumbo Jet pilot. They would write books, have been a teacher and be a ski instructor. They would lead multi-national teams, have played football for Nottingham Forest and have sailed across the Atlantic. They would be a seasoned trainer and facilitator, have run marathons and would have seen action in war zones. They would also develop top teams and have completed a triathlon. They’d be an executive coach, talented musician, have played rugby for England and more…