CyclingFollowing the success of the Flashlight Challenge® we’ve now introduced other variants of challenges and activities which take place in different environments. We are also delighted to be able to offer choices on delivery.

We can provide a fully facilitated, bespoke leadership or team development event or we can just provide the materials for you to run yourself, using your own facilitators – or of course, anything in between. Click here to see our current list of Challenges. Prices for the activities start at £495 + VAT.

EastwoodMapWhilst the location of some of the challenges are location dependent, (take the Flashlight Challenge® for example; that obviously needs a coastal location) some are completely location independent. The Urban Explorer Challenge and the Rural Explorer Challenge can be operated from any city or country location.

In some instances, there my be physical limitations which may constrain some activities for some participants. In these cases, lighter activities can be built in to the Challenge which will allow people of different physical ability to fully contribute to the success of the task.

We will provide a challenge wherever you are! All challenges are tailored to suit your development needs and the specific venue. We provide customised materials such as maps, charts, instructions, navigation equipment. All resources, vehicles and vessels are supplied with comprehensive safety equipment and instruction.

TrainingRoomSimulations and ‘Virtual’ Challenges
Of course, the development value comes from the participants living the activity – physically participating and emotionally connecting to the experience. But we also recognise that there may be some practical limitations in some cases.

We are therefore able to offer ‘Virtual’ versions of most of the challenges where benefit can be achieved and you only need to leave the training room to get a cup of coffee. Another alternative is to combine the physical event with a simulation to add another development dimension.