Following the success of the Flashlight Challenge® on our yachting events, we’ve also introduced other variants of the challenge which follow this highly successful formula and take place in different environments. We are also delighted to be able to offer choices on delivery. We can provide a fully facilitated, bespoke event or we can just provide the materials for you to run yourself, using your own facilitators and skippers – or of course, anything in between.

LookoutThe Flashlight Challenge®

The unique and original nautical challenge where participants are challenged to push their boundaries by planning and executing sea passages on ocean going yachts. The variety of options offered by the nautical environment will allow all aspects of leadership and team working to be explored

CanaryWharfThe Urban Explorer Challenge®

Similar in its attributes and flexibility to the Flashlight Challenge®, this variant that can be run in the city – on foot, by bike and other means of public transport. Ideally suited when your Leadership or Team Development event needs to be based in the city – and we can customise an event to cover any city… worldwide.

CyclingThe Rural Explorer Challenge®

In the countryside, the options open up to include travel by car, canal boat and other types of transport. This is another version that opens up the availability of leadership and team learning to a multitude of other venues and is ideally suited where you may have a favourite conference or training venue. Again we will customise an event for any location.

WoodlandThe Woodland Explorer Challenge®

Here participants take to the woods, where they may find more than birds in the trees. We maintain the attributes of the other challenges whilst adding some additional physical demands to further stretch personal, leadership and team learning.

OutdoorsThe Overland Explorer Challenge®

Providing additional material for learning and development, we travel into the wilderness, where participants may find themselves hiking in the hills or even travelling by 4×4 all terrain vehicles to meet their objectives.

ClimbThe Mountain Explorer Challenge®

Ideally suited to more intense leadership programmes where personal attributes are being explored, this Challenge takes things even further where learning the ropes could take on a whole new meaning.

SnowTrekThe Alpine Explorer Challenge®

Building on the previous version and to really push personal and leadership challenges to the limit, alpine activities including skiing, ski touring and ice climbing can be added to the mix.

FlightDeck2The Aerial Explorer Challenge®

The world of aviation calls for key management attributes such as precision, accuracy, process and control. And it also goes to great lengths to ensure that people work well together, employ great leadership and understand the kinds of behaviours that can lead to success – and the ones to avoid that can lead to disaster. In this challenge we use real aircraft; light aircraft and helicopters, as well as full sized airliner simulators to provide an unforgettable development experience.

GlobalJigsawThe Global Explorer Challenge®

Here, we span oceans and time zones, bringing together facets of the other challenges and no corner of the Earth is off limits. An ideal development activity where leadership and team working is dispersed internationally and we work on live issues surrounding team members working remotely from each other.

The Challenges are real and highly effective development exercises. They can also be run as simulations or as a combination of both. Prices start at £495 + VAT. Please call 01564 330499 or e-mail us to find out more about these inspirational leadership and team development activities.