Our original and unique leadership challenge, designed to aid the development of leadership, team and relationship skills. Following the success of the Flashlight Challenge® on our yachting events, we’ve also introduced other variants of the challenge which take place in different environments.

One of the key elements to our activities and challenges is our highly successful Flashlight Challenge® activity.

This is a sailing exercise in which points are scored en-route to a final destination. We set complex “business” rules, from which the team decides the route to take and success is achieved by simulating these business processes.

  • Setting a shared vision
  • Setting Strategy
  • Having clear objectives and goals
  • Having role clarity
  • Planning well
  • Managing effectively
  • Strong Teamwork
  • Clear Communications
  • Monitoring progress and success criteria
  • Adapting tactics (and sometimes strategy) to cater for unplanned events and conditions.

PlanningThe key to the Challenge is that we give the participants real autonomy – there is no set route to take and no prescribed method. Depending on your development objectives, we will adapt the challenge to suit.

The challenge can be run in phases, giving each participant the opportunity to lead individual elements – or we can just ‘throw’ the challenge at them and see how leadership develops. We can add more elements, perhaps different kinds of boats, we can increase the complexity – or we can make things simpler.

RescueWe’ve adapted the challenges to include specific elements that will help participants deal with specific topics including leading remote teams, effective communications, crisis management and emergency and contingency planning

RendezvousThe fact is that we will adapt and modify the challenge to suit your development aims – and in the unlikely event that we’ve not come across your criteria before, we’ll invent new aspects to add to the challenge to suit your needs.And in case there’s a concern – despite the name, the challenge is designed to run during daylight hours – unless you want it otherwise that is!