Our philosophy is to provide people with an environment that allows them to focus on real leadership and team working skills. We use sailing yachts because we believe there is no better way to allow people to focus entirely on their ability as a leader or member of a team to achieve their objectives.

The environment is real, it’s challenging, and it invariably puts people in unfamiliar situations where they can’t fall back on ‘technical’ knowledge when making decisions and seeking cooperation; they need to employ real leadership and team skills.

It is a fascinating training environment which allows participants to observe and understand behaviours and learn and develop the skills necessary to get the best out of themselves and the teams they are working with.

We use sailing because there are striking parallels between running a yacht and running a business. Both are dependent on the following attributes:

  • Clear objectives and goals
  • Shared Vision
  • Role clarity
  • Confident and inspirational leadership
  • Efficient management
  • Strong teamworking with common purpose and reward
  • Clear communications
  • Measurement of success

And you don’t need to go to the extremes of ocean racing to take advantage of this unique experience. MERRY MARINE will tailor an event to suit the needs and capabilities of your team.

LoweringMainRapid Impact

On board, a group of people will be working in close proximity on tasks where the results of their actions will be seen very quickly. This is quite different to the business environment where a new team may be working at a distance from each other and the results of their work may take months to come to fruition.

Are you sure that the team is working well together after a week, a month or even a year? Have you identified potential issues before they become a problem and do you know what to do to address them? Sailing provides the environment to be able to highlight these things in just a few hours.


Our clients really enjoy the challenge of taking on the new skill of sailing – an activity that sometimes takes them out of their comfort zone. The experience makes a natural emotional connection and we take advantage of this when designing the challenges and activities for an event.

We ensure that the parallels with how people lead and work in teams back in the workplace are brought to the fore. Using the expert facilitation of our skippers and coaches, we reinforce this and provide just the right amount of input to ensure that people discover the kind of behaviours, skills and attributes that you need for your business.

By providing such a strong and memorable development experience, we have helped many people to realise real career defining moments during an event – real learning that will stay with them for life!