Merry Marine – the concept

FlightDeckThe only way to get better at what you do is with practice. Musicians, actors, athletes, pilots all spend countless hours practicing, rehearsing, training, simulating – so that when it comes to the real live performance, they are confident of their success because they’ve practiced the performance time after time.

Imagine the consequences of these groups going to perform after just reading the script or studying the manual. Pretty embarrassing at the least.

Announcement So how much practising do we put into leadership and management? And if we think it’s a good idea to do this – how should we go about it? How can we simulate a situation where the skills we’re putting to the test are skills in motivating the team, encouraging colleagues to work well together, inspiring a shared vision, keeping your head whilst others are losing theirs – these are things that in business, we tend to just do without any preparation or rehearsal.

We tend to fall back on professional skills; knowledge of the business, the market, finance, manufacturing, operations and so on. All essential skills to have of course but knowing when to use these skills and when and how to motivate someone else to use their own skills might not be quite so straight forward.

HorizonsOur ethos is to create an experiential learning environment that is real. One where people have to rely on their leadership or interpersonal skills to achieve. We purposely take away any reliance on ‘technical’ knowledge so that people really do have the opportunity to practise skills in leadership and team working.

Our speciality is to use Sailing to provide that environment. After all, managing a yacht has many of the attributes required to manage a business. You need to ensure that the team are motivated towards delivering a common goal, know what’s expected of them, work well together and share your ambitions and aspirations for the business.

SnowHikeBut the important thing for us is not just the sailing. It’s the outcome you want from your team for your business – and sailing provides us with a fantastic environment to deliver that outcome.

We also realise that sailing might not be quite the right environment for all occasions. That’s why we’ve developed our highly successful nautical challenges into activities that operate in other environments, including rural, moorland, mountain and city locations – so we can deliver a development event that’s just right for your business.