No two events are ever the same; each being tailored to enable you to achieve your development goals. We did however think it would be useful to give an idea of how an event could look so here is an example itinerary for a sailing-based leadership development event.

Arrival evening
16:00 Arrive at Yacht Club conference room
Introduction and welcome
Workshop session as required – typically something like : Review development so far :

  • Behaviours of inspirational leaders
  • Review profiling (MBTI, AMSP or the like)
  • Expectations and learning outcomes
19:00 Transfer to boat(s)
Yacht orientation
20:00 Participants prepare dinner as part of the development task. Briefing on tomorrow’s challenge
Overnight on-board
Day 1
07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Safety briefing & sort out groups
09:45 Set sail
Sail training – facilitated learning & exploration
Possible informal race
12:00 Drop anchor and take lunch
Review of progress so far
Challenge planning
14:00 Challenge Part 1 starts

Facilitated sailing exercise which allows delegates to experience activities critical to team working and leadership.
Delegates will be coached to observe behaviours and activities that both aid and obstruct high performance and other management concepts.

Challenge Part 1 ends

17:00 Review – Challenge planning
Dinner at restaurant ashore
20:00 Overnight on-board
Day 2
07:30 Breakfast
09:00 Challenge Part 2 starts

Increasing complexity and tightening tolerances as participants start to become familiar with the environment.
The challenge is broken into phases to give all participants an opportunity to lead a particular aspect.

Challenge Part 2 ends

11:30 Drop anchor
Review of progress so far
Final challenge planning
13:30 Challenge part 3 starts

Further complexity is introduced as participants approach the finale.

Challenge part 3 ends

15:00 Moor alongside at Marina
15:45 Celebration and final review
17:00 Depart

Event + 2-4 weeks We recommend that a follow-up workshop is scheduled after the event to consolidate the learning.We will be happy to design and facilitate this, or you may prefer to run something yourself based on the written post-event briefing that we produce.