Many of the activities and challenges we use to provide inspirational leadership experiences will be affected by the weather. Although we always hope the weather will be fine, some of the most enduring leadership experiences have taken place when the weather conditions are less than ideal. The important thing is to be prepared and have sufficient information to be able to plan for the expected conditions; and then have contingencies prepared in case things don’t go as planned – a bit like business really!

Someone once said there’s no such thing bad weather – bad clothes are the problem!


For sailing, we need to know what the wind strength and height and length (period) of the waves. This forecast is for Hurst Castle which is at the Western entrance to the Solent on the South coast of England.

If we take to the Hills, it’s important to know how cold (or warm) it will be – and particularly how the wind chill factor will affect the temperature. We’ll need to know the visibility at different altitudes and whether we’re likely to be blown off our feet! This forecast relates to the English Lake District.

In Alpine conditions, we’ll need to take a whole host of factors into account, not least, whether there’ll be any snow. Here’s a forecast for Val d’Isere in the French Alps.