Merry Marine Experiential Learning: The simplicity of the message – The power of the experience


ObamaWe help people develop clarity on leadership and management. To develop their own ethos on leadership, to understand different styles, methods and behaviours and when to apply the right one. We understand that great leaders are not necessarily born leaders so we use powerful methods and situations to help people develop their own inspirational leadership style.

DirectionWe work with well known management and leadership models and are also experienced with a wide range of psychometric profiling methods. Our inspiring activities and methods really do bring these to life and allow people to work practically with their concepts. If you use a method or model that we’re not familiar with, then we’ll work with you to build it into the activity.

We have a wealth of experience of actually leading businesses and teams. We’ve made the mistakes and celebrated the successes and we can share these experiences in a rich and powerful way with the people who you want to run your business. Our hands on experience of management is matched with exceptional talent in designing and delivering unforgettable learning experiences, both experiential and in the classroom.

Our aim is to make it natural for people to employ great leadership behaviours. We achieve this by focusing on the simplicity of the message and the power of the experience.