TuckmanWe know that teams go through different stages in their development and that even the most uncomfortable stages are necessary if that team is to develop enduring high performance. If people understand the stages and the kinds of behaviours that can be expected during each stage, it will help the team progress effectively through the development period.Our methods really will accelerate this process. They will help work colleagues to bond together – building stronger relationships and breaking down barriers. And they will help your team to become more effective more quickly. Forming, storming, norming – then performing

Team3And it’s not just team building. Whilst retaining all the usual benefits of a great team ‘away-day’, we also work with some of the theories and models that describe the attributes of great team working. We then bring those to life with our inspiring activities and methods and help people really understand the behaviours needed to work well in and with the team.We’re also experienced at relating new and different theories to our activities, so if you use a method or model that we’re not used to, then we’ll work with you to build it into the activity.

GlobalTeamworkTeams work at all levels in an organisation and in many different ways. Teams increasingly work in matrix and network based structures as well as ones more traditionally based on command and control. It is now common to see teams dispersed over large geographies – regional, national and global.In fact there are many different ways that teams need to work together and our activities and methods are designed to bring out some of the dynamics of today’s business.